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Pesta Ria – An Afternoon Filled with Fun for Caregivers!

Pesta Ria – An Afternoon Filled with Fun for Caregivers!

On 18 June 2022, CaringSG and co-organiser MIJ Hub organised Pesta Ria, a fun-filled event for 30 participants from 13 special needs families.

Mdm Rahayu Mahzam (Guest-of-Honour and CaringSG Board Advisor) and Dr David Ang (CaringSG Board Co-Chair) chatting with a participant

Taking place at Enabling Village, UOB Ability Hub, participants heard from speakers such as Mdm Rahayu Mahzam (Guest-of-Honour and CaringSG Board Advisor), Ms Faraliza Zainal (Founder of MIJ Hub), Dr David Ang (CaringSG Board Co-Chair) and Ms Florence Lee (CaringSG Head of Programs).

Ms Faraliza Zainal welcoming caregivers and families to Pesta Ria organised by CaringSG and MIJ Hub
Mdm Rahayu Mahzam addressing caregivers and families at Pesta Ria
Dr David Ang (CaringSG Board Co-Chair) speaking to caregivers
Ms Florence Lee (CaringSG Head of Programs) sharing about caregiver issues and gaps

An energetic Zumba session conducted by instructor Siti Zhywee Binte Ramle had caregivers and their dependents dancing to the beat with smiles all around.

After photo-taking to remember the event by, participants were treated to tea refreshments and a lucky draw! Pesta Ria was supported by one CAREchampion, three CAREambassadors, and four CaringSG staff and volunteers. Special thanks to our co-organiser MIJ Hub. This event was also supported by the Enabling Lives Initiative Grant by SG Enable and Tote Board, and the Temasek Foundation.

“While it takes a village to raise a child, a community of families form a village which caregivers can support and encourage one another in the caregiving journey. Coming together like this to spend an afternoon is a great example to do that! Keep it up MIJ & CaringSG!” – Dr David Ang.

Staff and volunteers from CaringSG and MIJ Hub
From left: Dr David Ang (CaringSG Board Co-Chair), Ms Rahayu Mahzam (CaringSG Board Advisor and Guest-of-Honour), and Ms Faraliza Zainal (Founder of MIJ Hub)

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A Father’s Love – From our Board Member, Dr Djoni Huang

A Father’s Love – from our Board Member, Dr Djoni Huang

Dear Fathers,

Never underestimate the importance you have in your child’s life. And although you may come across moments of stress, helplessness, fear and despair, you are not alone.

Dear Fathers, there are others who understand what it is like to raise a special needs child. We know how much planning it takes, figuring out how to start from ground zero. Some have given up careers as well to spend more time with their child, to provide stability at home through the formative years.

We are problem-solvers, anchors for our family, and leaders through uncertain times. We also look out for each other, and share what we know with fellow dads.

As we celebrate Fathers’ Day this month, let’s prioritise basic self-care, be kind to ourselves, and appreciate the efforts we have made to love and care for our families.

I would personally like to thank all the team members of CaringSG under the leadership of Dr Lim Hong Huay and Dr David Ang, PBM. You certainly have made a difference in our lives!

Happy Father’s Day.

– Djoni

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