What can you do when the doctor or teacher informs you that there are concerns about your child’s development?

Do you wish to understand your child, help your child grow and develop better

Do you wish to be better supported as a caregiver and get to know other caregivers?

Step One Programme: Learn how to help your child grow & develop better!

The Step One Programme has been developed by CaringSG in consultation with SG Enable.

Understand your child, find resources and learn strategies to help your child develop and grow through 4 online self-paced modules, to be completed within 3 months. After attending the first compulsory support session, you may sign up for up to 3 addition support session to help you consolidate your learning and be connected with other caregivers to support you.

The team behind Step One

Dr Lim Hong Huay

Dr Lim is a Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrician and Epidemiologist with extensive expertise in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Early Childhood Intervention, Caregiver support, Inclusion, Disability medicine, Health informatics, and Implementation Science. She is founder, board member and honorary CEO of CaringSG, board member of SG Enable, and co-chair of the Singapore Together Alliance for Action for Caregivers of Persons with Disabilities. Previously, she pioneered the ECHO framework development and was advisor to Singapore’s national ECHO Technical Alliance. Dr Lim is Steering Committee member for the Enabling Masterplan 2030, and participates in various inter-agency and national workgroups, including Healthcare framework for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Early Childhood Development Agency’s Parent Guide, Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Practice Guideline (MOH, 2010; CPCHS 2021). She is also expert advisors in several social service agencies in Singapore, including the Autism Resource Centre, AWWA, and Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities. Internationally, Dr Lim served as Reference Expert for Nurturing Care Framework developed by collaborative efforts of UNICEF, WHO, World Bank Group and ECDAN. On the personal front, Dr Lim is a mother of 2 children with Special needs.

Mr Edward Chan

Certified Practicing Accountant (Australia), Chartered Accountant
Edward was working in Corporate Governance of a local MNC for more than 10 years before he became a private hire driver to spend more time with his two daughters diagnosed with autism. Edward is an active advocate for the special needs community. He served as the administrator for a special needs caregivers support group CASPER with more than 800 members. Edward was also the facilitator for Start Right Workshop, an early intervention workshop previously run by SG Enable. Edward is currently the Head of Corporate Services and Head of CAREconnect Programme at CaringSG.

Ms Teo Hui Fang

Masters of Health Science. (Developmental Disability), Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
Hui Fang is an occupational therapist with extensive experience working with families of young children with developmental and behavioral conditions. She is co-author of two books - "EIPIC Consultancy Recommended Practice: For Early Intervention in Singapore" and "Handwriting Matters! A Resource for Early Childhood Educators” and has previously been involved in consultation projects to support the local early intervention community. Hui Fang is currently a Head of Program at CaringSG and a mother of two adorable young children.

Ms Shoelle Goh Chen Tieng

M.Ed. (Special Education), B.A. (English with Psychology)
Shoelle was a General Education Officer (Teacher) with the Ministry of Education (MOE) for more than a decade teaching children English and Mathematics. As a Teacher Mentor and Level Head of the English Department, she assisted the school in syllabus implementation and teacher training. She was posted to MOE HQ Curriculum Planning & Development Division (CPDD) English Language and Literature Branch (ELLB) in 2009 and served as a Curriculum Planning Officer assisting in the national implementation of STELLAR programme and PERI holistic assessment, working with school leaders and heads of departments in primary schools in Singapore to train and mentor teachers to ensure the smooth implementation of the national curriculum. She is currently serving as a Senior Training Executive with CaringSG, developing training programmes to support caregivers of special needs dependents like herself. On the personal front, Shoelle is a mother to two boys with developmental needs in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Dyslexia, Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)/Dyspraxia and Dysgraphia.

Target Audience

For Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident Caregivers with children under 7 years of age who are awaiting early intervention services for diagnosed or suspected developmental condition(s).

Mode of delivery

4 self-paced online modules with topical quiz where participants may access anytime and anywhere via the web or your mobile device.


$0. The Step One Programme is currently funded by SG Enable.

Additional Information

Caregivers to register for Step One Programme via the online registration link.

The training coordinator will send you an email to join the first compulsory support session if you meet the eligibility criteria.

After you have attended the first support session, you will received an email with information to the log-in details for the online learning and subsequent support sessions to begin your learning.

Step One program consists of

A. Four bite-sized e-modules with total duration of approx 2 hours that you can complete at your own pace within 3 months:

B. Up to four group support sessions that supplement the e-modules and feature:

  • 30 min of sharing by experts and experienced caregivers to reinforce learning in the e-modules
  • 30 min of Q & A
  • 1 hour of small group sharing facilitated by experienced caregivers

Find the details of the STEP ONE Support Group session here!

JOIN US! CaringSG is here to take this Step One with you  💗

Notice Regarding Respect and Safety at CaringSG

At CaringSG, we are committed to creating a supportive, respectful, and safe environment for our staff and volunteers. In accordance with Singapore’s Protection from Harassment Act (2014), we uphold a strict policy against any form of abuse or harassment.

Policy on Service Refusal:

Zero Tolerance for Abuse: We maintain a zero-tolerance stance towards any behavior that constitutes verbal, physical, or emotional abuse towards our team members.

Right to Refuse Service: In instances where any member engages in such conduct, CaringSG reserves the right to refuse or discontinue services to the offending individual.

Ensuring a Safe Space: This measure is crucial in ensuring the wellbeing and safety of our dedicated staff and volunteers, who are here to assist and support you.

Reporting and Action: Any incidents of abuse or harassment should be reported immediately, and will be addressed in accordance with the relevant legal frameworks.

We appreciate your cooperation in fostering a community of respect and kindness, ensuring a positive experience for everyone involved with CaringSG.

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