Frequently Asked Questions

What is CaringSG?
CaringSG is a caregiver-led initiative for special needs caregivers and the community, set up in 2020. You may find out more about us here.

How do I register as a member?
You may register as a member by simply clicking here. Membership with CaringSG is free, and you will have access to our services, as well as various resources in the CaringSG membership portal.

How do I access your membership card?

Who do we support?
CaringSG strives to connect, enable and empower fellow special needs caregivers by building an inclusive, compassionate and supportive community through innovative solutions.

What services do you provide?
CAREconnect provides emotional support, resources and connections to fellow caregivers in our CaringSG Alliance Network (CAN), a national network of special needs caregiver support groups, caregivers, people with disabilities, professional allies and supporters of special needs community.

CAREbuddy is a supportive service, for caregivers by trained caregivers, with dependents with special needs or disabilities.

CAREwell’s multidisciplinary team of CAREwell professional volunteers are poised to support caregivers in navigating the complex services to better access care and services via our CAREwell Community Support (CWCS) Programme.

What is CAREwell Community Support (CWCS) Programme?
CAREwell Community Support (CWCS) Programme is a programme that lasts for 6 months. Our CAREwell Key Worker meets with caregivers for needs analysis and establish care plans, that will be reviewed on regular basis.

What is CAREconnect?

The CAREconnect program aims to provide opportunities and access to emotional support, resources and connections to our caregivers. This is done through our online webinars and offline physical events at our pilot sites. For more information on the types of CAREconnect events, please visit:

What CAREconnect events can I attend?

Currently, we organise physical events at our pilot constituency (i.e. Boon Lay CC). We do have intentions to scale up our events to other constituencies, but we seek your understanding and patience as our team is rather lean!

On top of physical events, the team also organises monthly webinars every 3rd Saturday of each month that you may attend when you are a CaringSG member. Members also have access to previous months’ webinars over here:

What can I expect at CAREconnect physical events?

a) Child-minding activities for your child/ dependent

The CAREconnect team will prepare several child-minding activities (e.g. jigsaw puzzles, blocks, craft items) for your child to occupy themselves at the event venue. You may also choose to bring your own activity if your child has a strong preference/ inclination to a certain activity.

Please note that child-minding activities are only conducted at the premises of the event venue. We do not conduct homecare services.

b) Volunteers

At every physical event, a group of volunteers will be present to assist with child-minding activities. These volunteers come from academic institutions and/ or corporations.

Additionally, CAREkakis (i.e. grassroots leaders with disability knowledge) and CAREchampions (i.e. caregiver volunteers with special needs children) will also be present to build rapport and engage with caregivers and their children/ dependents.

What is CAREbuddy Programme?

CAREbuddy Programme is a support service program for Caregivers by trained Caregivers (volunteers) over a period of 6 months, with at least 6 Touchpoints. 

How does CAREbuddy work?

  • Caregivers will be matched with a CAREbuddy of a similar profile, according to availability.
  • Through regular engagement over 6 months, the programme provides the Caregiver with a listening ear and emotional support, as well as sharing ideas/ resources and goals.
  • The CAREbuddy supports the Caregiver to work through personal and family needs and issues, in ways that bring about positive changes. 

What is the background of the Caregiver Volunteers?

  • The Caregiver Volunteers share similar journeys as they are parents/ caregivers to dependents with special needs or disabilities and related commitments.
  • That said, CAREbuddy is not a mental health or special needs professional. CAREbuddy will not be able to support the caregiver in areas where professional knowledge and skills are required. 

What can I expect from CAREbuddy?

  • Each CAREbuddy support package is for a 6-month period.
  • During the 6-month period, the CAREbuddy will meet up with the Caregiver for 6 Touchpoints.
  • The 6 Touchpoints can be completed either through phonecalls, online video call or face-to-face physical meetings. 
  • The dates and timing of the 6 Touchpoints will be arranged according to both the CAREbuddy’s and Caregiver’s availability.

Is the CAREbuddy programme a respite and emergency support?

  • No. Kindly note that CAREbuddy is NOT a child-minding  or child-buddy service / befriender programme for the dependents. 
  • It is NOT a respite programme. For respite support, please contact SG Enable.
  • CAREbuddy programme is also NOT a 24-hours hotline and emergency (SOS) service
  • If you feel that you are experiencing intense acute distress, crisis or in danger of harming yourself/others, it is crucial for you to contact the emergency services for help or go to your nearest hospital’s A&E Department;
  1. Emergency Contacts resource list
  2. IMH Emergency Hotline – 6389 2003 / 6389 2004 (24hrs)
  • If you are experiencing family violence and/or abusive relationship, please contact: National Anti-Violence and Sexual Harassment Helpline: 1800-777-0000 (24 hours). 
  • If you have been hurt physically , kindly seek medical assessment and treatment immediately at your nearest GP Clinic or hospital.

What is the commitment required for CAREbuddy?

  • Before the start of the support package, the Caregiver is required to sign the service agreement and complete an online baseline survey.
  • At the end of the support package, the caregiver is required to complete an online closure survey.
  • There are no fees required from the Caregiver, as this is currently a funded program.

Can I request for CAREwell Community Support (CWCS) Programme for myself or others?

Applications and referrals to the CWCS programme are screened and only suitable cases are enrolled. When you sign up as a member with us, you may select ‘I need other help’ in your application form. We will get in touch with you thereafter to determine if you would benefit from CAREwell, CAREbuddy or otherwise. If you are a professional who feel that your client may benefit from CWCS, please complete this referral form and email 

I am a caregiver to an elderly with chronic health needs (e.g; post stroke/ dementia). Is CaringSG the right place for me to seek support?

CaringSG provides support to caregivers of dependents with special needs such as developmental delay, autism, ADHD, learning disabilities and other forms of physical disabilities. For dependents with chronic health needs, please seek support from your existing medical social worker or contact the AIC hotline via this website:

Do you provide respite care?

CWCS Programme does not provide respite care at the moment. 

Does CAREwell Programme include financial assistance? 

CaringSG does not provide financial assistance. You may explore SG Enable’s website for assistance with regards to this matter:

Who is eligible for CWCS Programme?

A Singaporean or Permanent Resident in Singapore who is a caregiver to dependent/s with special needs/ disabilities. 

What is the main difference between CWCS Programme and CAREbuddy?

The person supporting you in the CAREbuddy program are all volunteer fellow caregivers whereas the keyworkers supporting you in a CWCS Programme are staff under CaringSG who hold professional qualifications (eg: social work/ registered nurse). 

You may read more about the CAREbuddy program on this site:

You may read more about CWCS Programme on this site:

Do you provide counselling in the CWCS Programme?

We do not provide counselling. If you need a listening ear from a fellow caregiver, CAREbuddy program may be explored. CAREbuddy support also comprises 6 touchpoints over 6 months. Please see website for more information on CAREbuddy: (CAREbuddy team will have to assess suitability for their program as well), Do note that CAREbuddies are not professional counsellors and should you require further assistance to work through issues, you may be referred to other professional services. 

I am not a CaringSG member, can I request for CWCS Programme?

You will need to sign up as a member with CaringSG first (select “I need other help”). Thereafter, we will get in touch with you to determine if you would benefit from CAREwell/ CAREbuddy support or sharing of useful resources. 

I am referring a caregiver using the referral form on your website. Can you help register the caregiver as a member?

Yes, CaringSG is able to assist in registering caregivers referred to us via the referral form as members.  Please do ensure the caregiver’s name, phone number, email address and the required information are completed accordingly.

I have just referred a caregiver for CWCS  Programme, what is the next step?

CaringSG team will assess the suitability of the referral to the CWCS program and update you on the outcome via email.  

What can I expect during the CAREwell triage call?

A CaringSG staff will arrange a 20-30 minute phone call at your preferred timing. Basic information such as background history of your dependent/s with special needs,  existing educational, social and health services that  you and your dependent/s are accessing  and to hear  about any other  concerns that you may have that impacts your health and caregiving capacity. 

Is the CWCS Programme held in a centre or home based?

The CWCS program comprises six touchpoints over a period of six months. These touchpoints can be conducted over zoom/phone call or in person at your home. 

What is a touchpoint?

A touchpoint is a meeting with your assigned keyworker (Nurse/ social worker) who will conduct an ecomap and routine based interview during the initial meetings and subsequently planning on agreed goals to achieve. Your assigned keyworker can share resources or assist with service navigation during the 6 (six) months period of support. Each touchpoint can range from 30-90 minutes of your time, depending on how much you would like to share.

Do you provide therapy or child-minding for my dependent?

CWCS Programme does not provide direct services to your dependent/s, whether that be therapy or child-minding or otherwise. We offer caregivers assistance and guidance in coordinating and navigating appropriate services for their family’s needs.  

Why only six months? What happens when I need more help?

CWCS Programme is an interim service coordination support to empower caregivers to achieve agreed goals over six month period. If you need further support, CaringSG will assess if a second package of CWCS Programme is suitable or referral to other  mainstream services such as Family Service Centre (FSC), support groups or CAREbuddy support is required. 

If I need urgent assistance, can I contact my keyworker beyond the six touchpoints?

Please note that CaringSG does not provide emergency services. If you have urgent health needs, please go to the nearest hospital A&E. If you have urgent mental health needs, please contact IMH hotline (Tel: 6389 2000/ or SOS ( Feel free to reach out to us via our website for non-urgent needs ( beyond the six touchpoints instead of contacting your previously assigned keyworker. 

How do I donate to CaringSG?
You can simply donate to CaringSG via this link here. We thank you for your generosity in supporting our cause to support caregivers.

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